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Tournament Series  Rules

* All gym sites are NON-smoking…..inside and outside!  Respect facilities!

* 14 minute halves, stop clock

* Mercy rule is 25 point lead = running clock and defense behind half court

---lead must go to 17 or below to return to a stop clock.


* 5 fouls = disqualification

* 10 team fouls = bonus (1/1) – No double bonus*


* Sportsmanship – any player/coach/spectator ejected will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the event.  Head coaches are responsible for their players & parents conduct.  Warnings and/or technical fouls will be issued for any unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches, players, or spectators.

* Timeouts:  4 per game - 2 (60 sec) and 2 (30 sec)

* Overtime:  2 minutes & 1 ’30 sec’ timeout (no carryover).  Additional overtimes are 1 min w/ 1 ‘30 sec’ timeout….repeat until winner)


* Minimum of 3 minute warmup and 3 minute halftime.  10 minute grace period shall be given if a team has less than 5 players only.


* VHSL rules apply to govern remaining game action


* Tie breaker rules = 1) head to head   2) point diff (+/- 15 max) 3) total points allowed 4) total points scored

* All girls’ teams & boys’ teams in 3rd–6th grade will use a 28.5 ball.  Boys’ teams in 7th–12th grade will use a regulation size ball.  Agreement from both head coaches can alter rule.


Home team: is listed first, shall wear white, provide a game ball and is responsible to provide the official scorekeeper.

Away team:  shall wear a dark uniform and provide personnel to cover the clock.

Scroll down to the tournament team list to locate your team. Make sure you find your team number and team pool. Once you locate the Pool you are in, click the link below to see all of your pool information. The page will show all teams in your pool, as well as the results of the games in the pool after they happen.
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